Assault on Theramour Keep – TGK 1


A 5E Dungeons & Dragons Campaign for 4-6 characters starting Level 1 and higher.

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The first of three in the Theramour series. This is playable as a stand-alone adventure. Your adventurers stop for the night at Theramour Keep only to learn that they have been under siege by four enemy armies. The captain of the Keep wants you to lead its own armies and defeat the invaders. This is designed as a combination of a mixed wilderness and tactical adventure.

You can expect: 

  • Many new NPCs and enemy leaders (15), most illustrated
  • Detailed maps of the Keep and two Outposts
  • More than 75 pages and at least 12-18 hours of game-play
  • Bonus content, DM aids, stand-alone maps NPC cards and more to enhance your play (varies based upon contribution level)


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