Character Campaign Journal – 5E


A campaign journal for 5E Dungeons & Dragons players. 100 pages to capture all of your best memories from the depths of the dungeon.

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Turn Isolated Adventures into Campaigns and Memories


You and your party peer around the corner into the arch-mage’s chambers. Do the lavish furnishings and rich lighting mask a hidden danger? Has the arch-mage already fled, or is he lurking in a shadow or behind a tapestry?

Could this be the end of the line for you and your party? 

You fought together for years, hacked your way through swamps, survived deadly hot deserts, and descended into the depths of the earth. Along the way, you fought off hordes of orcs, saved kingdoms, slain dragons.

The treasure, fame and fortune made it worthwhile. But you had each other’s backs, fought brilliantly, and one dark night brought a companion back from the brink of death.

Which adventure was that? Did you have help? Where did those magical bracers come from again? 

This one-of-a-kind journal is designed for 5E but is suitable for other systems. It includes a character sheet and over 75 pages for keeping track of your character’s story as it unfolds over all of your adventures. Use the journal to keep track of:

  • Other players and their characters
  • General campaign notes and story-line
  • Non-player characters in the party
  • Monsters fought and slain
  • Treasure and magic
  • Dungeon maps
  • Wilderness maps
  • Sketches, illustrations and other notes

Keep a journal for each of your core players, and never lose your story-line again!

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