On Ouisconsin, a 5E Adventure – TMR 1 (SE)


For 4-6 characters, Level 1-2. 7 outdoor maps, 5 dungeons and 7 mythical creatures.

In color.

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Our brave adventurers find themselves talking to a solitary figure in the Tavern on the Tomorrow River. Calling himself Vathris, he speaks of troubles with the gods, and the need to find seven gems to save himself from an unknown wrath.

He mentions seven portals to guide the adventurers–should they choose to help–across seven lands in seven days. He knows little more than that the gems are each protected by one of seven mythical beasts associated with a land called Ouisconsin.

Death surely lies around every corner and the party is uneasy as they set off on their latest quest. Guided by nothing more than the location of the first portal, the party hopes to defeat the creations of Ouisconsin, find the seven gems, and return to Vathris before his seven days are up.


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