Terror at Weihnachten – TCK1


A 5E Dungeons & Dragons Adventure. Take on monsters from Christmas from around the world, and solve the mystery of Weihnachten.

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Your party has been traveling in the wind, cold and snow for many a fort-night. The Holidays are in some respects the furthest from your minds: you’re freezing cold, wet, and–unfortunately–quite lost.

In the distance you see the faint glow of candlelight. Could it be real, or just an illusion? You don’t want to get your hopes up. However, it’s nearly short of miraculous that you spot an inn just off the road. A frozen lake stands, black and barren, behind it. Tonight, the lights of the inn beckon your party.

As you slowly thaw out over large bowls of stew, you learn that this is Weihnachten and all is not as it seems. Tonight begins twenty days and nights of terror.

Demons haunt the children of Weihnachten, terrorizing their sleep to the point where some of them never speak again–their eyes left vacant and staring. And on the twentieth night, the Demons always take a child–never to be seen again.

Can your party help Weihnachten fight against the horror of the Demons? Might they even return the children who have been lost to the Demons over the years? Could Weihnachten finally return to a more peaceful, idyllic time?

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