Mescalaro Prophecy –


An adventure for character levels 4-6.

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An adventure for character levels 4-6, The Mescalaro Prophecy will challenge your best players. Weary of adventuring the party finds themselves close to home when a dangerous storm strikes. Caught in the foothills of the mountains, they endure pelting hail, driving rain, and gale-force rains. When the storm ends, the way forward is strewn with fallen trees and debris from the storm. When a scout named Nartan approaches and offers safe haven, the party is eager to get out of the storm and rest. In the morning, Nartan tells the party that his tribe needs their help: all of their myths and stories have been stolen.If they aren’t returned by the first frost, they will lose their prophecy and they will fade into history. Can the party recover the Mescalaro myths and return the once-great people to past glory?


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