Mineral Point Vampire –
TMR 2    


A 5E Dungeons and Dragons module for 4-6 characters for 4-6 characters, Levels 10 and higher. From Tomorrow River Games.

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This is a continuation of “On Ouisconsin!” (TMR1), based on mythical beasts and locations in historical Wisconsin. This is also playable as a stand-alone adventure (see $1 contribution for a discount on On Ouisconsin! if you missed it the first time around.).

The Mineral Point Vampire (TMR2) is set in Mineral Point, one of the oldest settlements in Wisconsin.

The adventurers have been told of a tall, thin, pale, and imposing caped figure that seems to be a vampire that haunts the residents of otherwise small and cozy Mineral Point.

The vampire has been pursued as far as Graceland Cemetery (rumored to be haunted by ghosts), where it was lost after apparently clearing the cemetery’s six foot tall fence. Other than a few footprints, no evidence remained.

The local constable suspects that the vampire might be hiding somewhere in Pendarvis: a city-within-a-city in Mineral Point. The party will learn that Pendarvis is believed to be haunted and its ruins carefully avoided by local residents.

Will the party start with Graceland Cemetery? Will they have the courage to explore Pendarvis? Are there other hidden secrets and monsters? Or will the vampire of Mineral Point continue to haunt the local residents? Only the bravest of adventurers will solve the many mysteries of Mineral Point.


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