Assault on Theramour’s Keep (TGK1)

While we wait for editing and illustrating, Tomorrow River Games is starting concepts for Assault On Theramour’s Keep (TGK1), a tactical adventure.

When the party arrives at the crossroads of Theramour Way and the Theramour River they decide to spend the night at the Keep that guards the area. Once inside, they quickly learn that the local citizenry is scared to death. In talking to the Lieutenant who runs the Keep, they learn that the Keep has been surrounded by four armies for at least a week.

Even though the area is fortified by two Outposts, the Lieutenant worries that they are over-powered. And so they have been waiting to see which army will make the first move.

The Lieutenant is somehow convinced, however, that your party of adventurers have been sent by some divine intervention to save the Keep. He tells you that, come dawn, he will expect the adventurers to take the lead and save the Keep. With four separate armies, what will the party plan? Surely a combined attack on each army leaves the keep open to attack!

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