The Mescalaro Prophecy

A new 5E adventure, for characters, level 4-6.

Therapy Cubes®

Winnner of the Hatch Award, a fun game of personal storytelling  available in six languages!

Monsters & Demigods

All of our favorite monsters, demons and demigods. Over 70 full-color, illustrations!

Nomadic Tales of a Traveling Counselor

A story of self exploration in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Adventures of Gino Jupiter

A whimsical journey through space: Captain Jupiter and his eccentric cat companion encounter aliens, terrorizing toilet paper, and a gang of underpants!

My Dice

A fun interactive personal storytelling game that can be played with friends or family.  Have fun while getting to know each other better!


Sapelo Island: Plight of the Eagles

A 5th Edition (5E) adventure for Dungeons and Dragons on the magical island of Sapelo.

Christmas Adventure

Weihnachten is being terrorized by demons. Save the town's children before one of them is sacrificed! New monsters, maps,  and mysteries!

Barf & Fart

A humorous adventure into the wacky world of dirty, obnoxious character named Barf and his stinky wiener dog named Fart.

Dr. Davenport's Dirty Dice

A fun game of personal storytelling that identifies emotions, problems and issues in the areas of home, life and school.

Tell your story through the simple roll of the dice.

Restless Soul Syndrome

Enter the world of psychotherapy and the universal search for purpose and meaning.

Celebrating Our First Year!

  • 18 pages of new adventures
  • Full color
  • New monsters and challenges
  • 100+ pages

D&D Monster Cards and Dice

Custom monsters from the best Tomorrow River Games adventures including: hodags, Chozech, Thrakos, Abhartach and more.

15 custom cards, full color, glossy

2 random monster dice

Power Cubes

An expansion pack for Therapy Cubes®, My Dice or Dr. Davenport's Dirty Dice

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