Nomadic Tales of a Traveling Counselor

A personal story of travel and self exploration in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

The Adventures of GIno Jupiter

A whimsical journey through outer space where Captain Jupiter and his eccentric space companion a cat named Mr. Scratch, encounter, aliens, laughing gas, terrorizing toilet paper, and a gang of underpants!.

The Mescalaro Prophecy

A new 5E adventure, for characters, level 4-6.

Your Christmas Adventure

Terror at Weihnachten is designed to play around Christmas. Weihnachten is being terrorized by demons and it is up to your party to save the town's children before one of them is sacrificed again this year!

All new monsters and maps, challenging mysteries, dangerous tunnels that are sure to challenge even the best parties.

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DM Resources

Tomorrow River Games offers Dungeon Masters a variety of free resources for helping to manage your campaigns.

Conversions for 5E (Basic Modules)

NEW: Map of the Day

Monster Codex for 5E

Palace of the Silver Princess (B3) Conversion to 5E

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One Year Anniversary

We're celebrating our one-year Anniversary with a reprinting of On Ouisconsin! 

  • 18 pages of new adventures
  • Full color
  • New monsters and challenges
  • Over 100 pages of adventures

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Sapelo Island: Plight of the Eagles

A 5th Edition (5E) adventure for Dungeons and Dragons on the magical island of Sapelo. Save the Platinum Eagles if you can.

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D&D Monster Cards and Dice

Custom monsters from the best Tomorrow River Games adventures including: hodags, Chozech, Thrakos, Abhartach and more.

15 custom cards, full color, glossy

2 random monster dice, 6-sided

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