Game Development and Design (WD 397)


Ever wanted to create a game but don’t know where to start? This one credit course is designed to help you learn about all of the basic steps in creating, developing and marketing your idea! Whether you’re interested in video games, dice or cards, this course will guide you through the process of taking your idea from basic prototype to the market.

This is a UW-Stevens Point course. It is also Open Source, which means that you can take the course if you are not a student. You will not, however receive feedback on your work, nor will you receive a grade or college credit. We hope that you’ll still find this a valuable course, and we welcome your participation! You will receive a certificate of completion from Tomorrow River Publishing by sending a link to a version of your completed project.

To receive your certificate, you must register for class and submit your project by 16. Dec. 2020.

Current Number of Students: 11 (updated: 07 Oct. 2019)

Games by Alumni

Convicted Galaxy

Current Projects

GravPlat – Elijah
Midi-Maze – David
Muffins – Sara
The Life in a Day – Erin

Provide feedback on our current projects!

Class Schedule

Date Topic Due
11 Sept. Initial Meeting – Prototyping (PDF) – 135 downloads Project Ideas
24 Sept. Rules and Rule Systems (PDF) – 42 downloads Prototype I
8 Oct. Game Design Prototype II
22 Oct. Game Development Rules (DRAFT)
5 Nov. Third Party Help Game (DRAFT)
19 Nov. Marketing Plan (DRAFT)
3 Dec. Live Demonstrations Revised Game