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    Provide feedback on how we are doing with our games.

    David Volm

    I see you are using GameMaker! This was the software which first got me into programming! I loved how the drag and drop interface represented real code, aka GML (Game Maker Language). The JavaScript I wrote for my maze is actually inspired a lot by how Game Maker does things. Maybe you could provide an HTML5 build of your game so we can easily test it out in a web browser? If you don’t own / don’t want to pay for the HTML5 compiler in Game Maker, check out the open source project ENIGMA. This project is the evolution of a previous Open Source Game Maker Compiler, G-Creator (which itself is an evolution of G-Java). The LateralGM IDE is the most complete aspect of all of these projects, and feels very similar to Game Maker 6.

    Love the art! Should be pretty easy to throw together a simple prototype of your game in Game Maker or Snap.

    Maybe get a document together which explains your game more and ties in the concept images. From looking at the images, It looks like your game has a three dimensional aspect to it. I don’t have much experience in the 3D game space, but I’ve heard one of the easier ways to create a 3D game is to use Garry’s Mod in combination with Lua scripting.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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