Map of the Day: Jennings Crypt

Possible Scenario
This is an underground crypt that is intended to give even the most seasoned parties trouble. The Main Vestibule and False Crypt are designed to create a false sense of security, and further obscure the Main Crypt.

The Main Crypt (#4) should be designed as heavily trapped, with a main undead creature located there, but all of the internments should contain other undead. They should be treated as sentient enough to try and block the party from fleeing the main crypt.

Possible Features 

  1. Main Vestibule
  2. Inner Sanctum
  3. False Crypt
  4. Main Crypt
  5. Internment One
  6. Internment Two
  7. Internment Three
  8. Internment Four
  9. Internment Five
  10. Internment Six

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