Map of the Day: Morrigan’s Lodge of Legendary Hunts

Possible Scenario – This map is intended for use with Monsters & Demigods but can also be played as a standalone adventure.

One of the things that strikes me about D&D–or any rule system–is that there aren’t necessarily any adventures or even dungeons that center around an encounter with gods or demigods. This is a hunt lodge for an undead elven archer who is a demigod. The main hunt areas are 19-25, and 25 (A-I) are kennels for demon hounds that get released once per turn on the party being hunted. Morrigan will join the hunt when there are six live hounds in the hunting grounds.

Possible Features 

All that is visible is above ground, areas 1-2, which gives the impression that this is nothing more than a small hunting shack. Morrigan will begin hunting the party as they explore areas 4-17. Areas 6-17 contain gruesome trophies from previous hunts, and party members will make saving throws for every room that they enter. Morrigan will attempt to weaken the party further, but her goal is to make them prey and teleport them to the southern shore of the lake (20). Each of the trophy rooms risks a different penalty to party members who fail their saves. Penalties apply for 1 hour.

  1. Grand Entry
  2. Fountain
  3. Stairs Down (20′)
  4. West Hallway
  5. East Hallway
  6. Trophy Room – DC 12 strength save, -1 strength
  7. Trophy Room – DC 12 constitution save, -1 constitution
  8. Trophy Room – DC 12 dexterity save, -1 dexterity
  9. Trophy Room – DC 12 perception save (wisdom), disadvantage on saving throws
  10. Trophy Room – DC 12 constitution save, – 10 HP
  11. Trophy Room – DC 12 dexterity save, disadvantage on ranged weapon attacks
  12. Trophy Room – DC 12 strength save, disadvantage on melee weapon attacks
  13. Trophy Room – DC 12 wisdom save, -2 spell attacks
  14. Trophy Room – DC 12 constitution save, -1 constitution
  15. Trophy Room – DC 12 strength save, -1 strength
  16. Trophy Room – DC 12 dexterity save, -10′ movement
  17. Trophy Room – DC 12 dexterity save, -10′ movement
  18. Main Chamber – Morrigan’s main chambers. Includes teleportation to hunt observation deck/hunt start (north eastern corner) and in/out of the chamber (south western corner). The teleportation site into 18 is located at 17.
  19. Hunt Chamber
  20. Lake
  21. Cabin
  22. Woods
  23. Swamp
  24. Observation Deck
  25. Demon Hound Kennels

A.-I. Demon Hound Kennels

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