Map of the Day: The Devil’s Playground

Possible Scenario
This is exclusively a wilderness adventure. With multiple, intersecting trails the party will also have to contend with not getting lost.

Possible Features and Buildings

  1. Prospect Point- All three features (#1-#3) overlook Devil’s Lake and could be locations for significant encounters or visual clues to the surrounding areas.
  2. Elephant Rock
  3. Balanced Rock
  4. Devil’s Doorway – A large stone structure overlooking Devil’s Lake. An excellent location for a significant encounter where it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for a demon to attempt pushing players over the edge of the cliff to their death, 700′ below. Once pushed, there is virtually no chance for players to grab onto any kind of structure and save themselves from imminent death.
  5. Steinke Basin – While the rest of the area is heavily forested, this is a depression of land that is a combination of swamp and prairie. Temperatures are much warmer than areas #1-#4 and the party will quickly become exhausted if they spend to much time in the basin.
  6. Parfrey’s Glen – Approximately a one mile hike awaits the party in a sandstone glen that slowly narrows to only allow one party member at a time. It’s the perfect place for an ambush.
  7. The Devil’s Cemetery – Note that the trail ends well before the cemetery, making this challenging-to-find cemetery a good secret location for the party to wrap up the adventure.

Devil’s Lake: An opportunity for a water-based adventure. Note that the middle of the lake is incredibly deep, making it a likely home for a very large sea monstrosity. At the DM’s discretion, there may be small boats and a dock somewhere along the shore of the lake.

Note: Dotted lines denote trails, and solid lines, small creeks.

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