Map of the Day: The Legendary Reach

Possible Scenario
The core of an island-based adventure, that includes hidden caves off the southern coast. Those hidden caves are the secret key to your adventure. Part of the Legendaria world (currently unpublished).

Designed to run in a 3-4 hour session.

Likely Features and Buildings

  1. The Lost Caves – A series of interconnected caves and caverns
  2. Footbridge – A harmless footbridge that could include a treacherous attack from creatures in the swamp, forest or depths of the lake.
  3. Lake Encampment – A small encampment that may give the party access to small fishing boats and other implements and tools for an encounter on the lake.
  4. Camp – An encampment of gnolls or other creatures on the southern shore of the island.
  5. Sunken Caves – Hidden lair of a sea creature, its minions and treasure. Both this and #1 should be expanded or contracted based on the size of the party and the amount of the time they have for an adventure.

Download here

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