Map of the Day: Ruins of Xan Yae’s Kingdom

Possible Scenario
Could be used as a cross between a dungeon-crawl and urban adventure. Location (9) is an old coliseum. The DM might construct a challenge for the party there. Choose whether they’re competing for their lives, some kind of prize or hints to a larger adventure you have prepared for them.

Location (11) is Xan Yae’s temple (no map) and likely where you would plan a final encounter. Location (10) is a geographic feature that serves as a source of power for the temple.

Likely Features and Buildings

  1. Bridge
  2. East Tower
  3. West Tower
  4. Mill
  5. Inn
  6. Tavern
  7. Blacksmith
  8. Gardens
  9. Coliseum
  10. Xan Yae’s Secret Source of Power
  11. The Temple of Xan Yae
  12. The Old Forge
  13. Community Well

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