Bine Yag: Valley of the Birds – TBY 1


Journey to the Isle of Sakylana and unlock the secrets of Bine Yag to save Legendaria. Compatible with AD&D & Magic Seekers.

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Journey to the Island of Sakylana in the hopes of unlocking the mysteries of Xan-Ti and her Enchanted Gardens. Only then will you save the Kingdom of Theramour and Legendaria from the untold evil that threatens the lands. 

Players start with Level 0 characters in a unique high seas adventure as they travel to the Isle of Sakylana. Those brave and clever enough to survive will encounter new creatures, magical birds, and mysterious caves as they search for answers to save the Kingdom of Theramour and Legendaria from untold evil. Players advance as they play to at least Level 8. 

  • More than 75 full-color pages of adventures, maps and monsters
  • Over a dozen original monsters, unique to Sakylana Island
  • Six new magic items, including custom magic items your players will love
  • Over a dozen new spells
  • Detailed dungeon and wilderness adventure maps
  • A new character class, complete with spells and abilities to help your players discover the secrets of Sakylana Island the Enchanted Gardens of Bine Yag
  • Image files for use in your Discord and other virtual adventures
  • Custom character sheets for Level 0 for AD&D and Magic Seekers

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