Terror at Weihnachten – TCK 1


This dramatically updated version (original: 2018) features:

  • all original artwork for eight monsters
  • full color
  • an expanded adventure
  • new magic items
  • High resolution PDF and full-color hard copy (51 pages)

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Downloadable monster art for virtual Play (11 MB, 13 monsters, maps and supporting graphic files)

Your party has been traveling in the wind and cold for many nights.

You’re freezing, cold, wet and – unfortunately – quite lost! In the distance you see the first glow of candle light from what turns out to be Weihnachten Inn. Warming up over a pint of drink and a warm bowl of stew you learn that Weihnachten is not all that it seems. Demons have been haunting the villagers and children for years, beginning every year around Christmas.

For 20 dark days and nights, they terrorize the children in their sleep to the point where many stop speaking, their eyes vacant and staring. And on the last night, the Demons always take a child.

Can your party help Weihnachten rid itself of the horror of the Demons before it is again too late?

Can they help Weihnachten return to a more peaceful idyllic time.

A unique module, intended to be played in three sessions just prior to the Holidays.


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