Life Reflection Therapy Cards

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Life Oracle Cards and Guide Book initiate important discussions and exploration of personal growth questions through a simple pick of a card.

55 cards and a full-color Guide Book.

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Our cards cover topics like gratitude, happiness, life goals, and success.
They also cover more challenging and personal topics like expressing emotions, stress, and life transitions. Questions are informed by our own clinical practice and research into the science and psychology of positive reinforcement and successful life change.
The Guide Book includes background information and supporting questions to go with every card so that you can guide the conversation in whatever direction works for you. A combination of the cards and guide book give you everything you need to begin your adventure of life reflection with a:
Family Member: We used all of our questions with parents and children to learn more about them in just a short period of time, rather than over multiple sessions.
Partner: Take your relationship to the next level, no matter where you find yourself with your partner.
Clients and Patients: Get to know your clients and patients better as they share their desires, common struggles, hopes and wishes for the future and where they can also learn how to take the needed steps to help them achieve, find success and meet personal goals. Uncover unmet needs, relationship struggles and personal challenges.
Co-Worker: If you are tired of the same old ice-breaker activities, our book and cards are a great way to build more robust relationships with your team. Great for workshops or as a quick conversation starter at the beginning of a meeting.
Classmate or Student: Use our questions to get to know your students better, or to encourage your students to deepen their relationships and understanding of one another.
Friend: In any setting, transform your conversations into something more meaningful and take your friendships to the next level.


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