Laughter Therapy Cubes

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5 games in 1: Use as a laughter icebreaker, to share a problem or concern, and to learn new coping skills

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Five Games in One! You can play the game five different ways or play the game using all of the variations as one play:

1. Laughter Icebreaker
Roll the timeline (red) and laughter (yellow) dice. Tell a funny story about yourself, friends, or family member using both dice.

2. Problems and Concerns
Roll the timeline (black) and issue (white) dice, and share a personal problem using both dice.

3. Coping Skill
Roll one of the two coping skill dice (blue) and tell how you can use that coping skill to either help you with the problem or to learn a new coping skill.

4. Groups
Roll either the laughter or issue dice and tell a story. Pass the dice to the next person to roll and continue the story. When the story ends, the facilitator rolls the coping skill dice and invites participants to share how they have or would use that skill.

5. Combined Play
Play the game using all of the variations above as one play, in the order described (1, 2, 3).


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