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Unlock the mystery of the ancient bell that hangs in Teufel’s Manor before another villager disappears. 5th Edition, AD&D & Magic Seekers.

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As your party stops for a restful night, they are interrupted by the solitary tolling of a bell that hangs in Teufel’s Manor. It is then that they learn of the curse of the manor and the necromancer rumored to live therein. If they don’t discover the powerful origins of the bell and destroy it, Teufel will demand a human sacrifice or destroy the crops and livelihood of the local village.

Are your players looking for advanced traps and challenges? This adventure is for players 10th level and above!

Teufel’s Manor is a 5th Edition (5E) compatible adventure that features:

  • Over 75 full color pages of adventures
  •  Custom demons, devils, and monsters, with illustrations
  • New spells
  • Additional features are planned and announced EVERY week of the campaign! (see below for updates), including STRETCH GOALS
  • Unique treasure and experiences to build your character’s back-stories with you
  • Alternate statistics for AD&D and Magic Seekers
  • Detailed dungeon maps
  • Image files of key monsters and magic items to use in your Discord or other online virtual adventures

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