Map of the Day: Hidden Lair of Gorgo

Possible Scenario

The party could be transported by a mysterious cloud of vapor or other instantaneous teleport. Upon completion they could be teleported back to their original location.

This dungeon is home to an ancient wizard named Gorgo. He uses the mining operation as a way of funding a variety of ongoing campaigns that he uses to wage war against the residents in surrounding communities. His goal is nothing more than to further enrich himself and eventually build his own kingdom.

Likely Features

  1. Entrance
  2. Staging Area
  3. Sunken Well
  4. Precarious Ledge (risk of falling)
  5. Armory
  6. Original Mining Area
  7. End of Original Mining Area
  8. Trapped Room
  9. Secret Room One
  10. Secret Room Two
  11. Secret Room Three
  12. Gorgo’s Chambers (likely location of boss creature, and treasure)
  13. Mining Area – East
  14. Mining Area – South
  15. Final Mining Area
  16. Staging Area
  17. Gorgo’s Hidden Lake

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