Map of the Day: Keep of Theramour

Possible Scenario

The party might be asked to help defend the Keep from outside attackers – ion that sense it can also be used with maps of the Outposts (in a later Map a Day). As DM, you will need to decide how strongly to defend the Keep against invaders. Will the party help with the defense? Or will they be the invaders? You decide!

Likely Features

  1. Barracks
  2. Barracks, Small
  3. Officer’s Quarters
  4. Homes, Commoners
  5. Chapel
  6. Provisioner and Trader
  7. Bank
  8. Mess Hall
  9. Gardens, Communal
  10. Entry Yard
  11. Wizard’s Guild
  12. Weapon Storage (and Teleport Room)
  13. Entrance, Inner Keep
  14. Lieutenant of the Guard
  15. Hall and Tavern
  16. Main Yard
  17. Inner Keep
  18. Guild Hall

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