Map of the Day: The Devil’s Playground

Possible Scenario

Devil’s Lake is a clear, deep lake and it is possible to run a water-based adventure with this map. The lake is surrounded by steep cliffs, affording amazing views and an opportunity for a wilderness-based adventure as well (or in addition). Given the cliffs, the DM might choose a variety of airborne creatures that the party may have to contend with.

The surrounding areas alternate between being heavily forested, to other areas (like Steinke’s Basin) that might be lowland, marshy or prairie. There are a variety of small creeks and streams that traverse the area as well.

As DM, you might choose to threat the Devil’s Cemetery as the culminating part of your adventure: note that there are NO trails that go all the way to it, though one will get the party to the general area. The Cemetery is in the middle of the woods and should be considered extremely difficult for the party to find.

Likely Features

  1. Prospect Point (cliffs)
  2. Elephant Rock (cliffs)
  3. Balanced Rock (cliffs)
  4. Devil’s Doorway (cliffs)
  5. Steinke’s Basin (prairie)
  6. Parfey’s Glen (wooded canyon)
  7. The Devil’s Cemetery (woods)

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