Nutters: A Fekkin’ Game


Nutters! A card game where you’re fekkin nutters. I mean you’re really, really nutters!

Go a little crazy wile trying to prove everyone else is crazy.

Choose the answers that best fit your diagnosis to win!

Are you NUTTERS?

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Nutters is a card game where you guess your friends’ diagnosis based on how they answer absurd questions about their behavior. Be the first to diagnosis them, rethink who your friends really are, and win the game.

So, how crazy do you think they are? 

Based on the absurd things you and your friends and family already joke about, Nutters explores just how crazy you are willing to get! This version is designed for adults, but you can easily adapt it for any audience by removing just a couple of cards.

Bring your game anywhere–it’s a normal size deck of playing cards, and the instructions are included in two additional cards right in the box.

When you buy a game you get:

  • 1 custom box for nutters
  • 52 nutty cards
  • Instructions
  • Additional resources, including new questions and score pads from

Downloadable score sheet


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