Valley of the Unicorn                          


Witch and Warlock Oryx and Rallina are locked in an epic battle in the Valley of the Unicorn. 5E, D&D and AD&D compatible.

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Unprepared and fearing for your lives, you and your friends take off on horseback in pursuit of horse thieves in the dead of night. 
Deep in the forest, you’ll meet the mysterious Oryx, and wage battle against the evil wizard Rallina and his Anth ‘Ops all in an effort to find and save the elusive, mysterious Asterion — a race of unicorns destined to return to their home in the stars far above the lands of Legendaria
Valley of the Unicorn is a 5th Edition (5E) D&D compatible adventure that features:
  • Over 100 full color pages of adventure
  • Custom monsters, demons, and devils, with large, full color illustrations
  • New spells
  • Unique treasure, including over a  dozen new magic items, and experiences to build your character’s back-stories with you
  • In addition to 5E, alternate statistics for AD&D and Magic Seekers
  • Detailed dungeon and wilderness maps

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