Magic Seekers -Therapist Ed


For use by therapists, rules and four adventures for new and younger adventurers

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The Magic Seekers (Therapy Edition) is designed specifically for incorporating role playing into therapy sessions, and addresses many unique aspects of play including:

  • Stream-lined rules to make the game easier to learn
  • Pre-generated characters
  • Shorter, yet engaging and challenging adventures, designed to play in one session
  • Adventure campaigns to play in multiple sessions
  • Opportunities for therapists and clients to create their own characters and adventures

Ideal play for: 

  • Group therapy with teens
  • Family sessions
  • Extended play over sessions with individuals

Includes 18 magic cards, and dice.

Downloadable PDFS: blank character sheet | Fillable Version | Prefilled Character Sheets

NEW! Order the Complete Supplement

All the rules you need, and the first three adventures to get you started with your sessions!

Supplemental Adventures

NEW! Gryla: The Witch, Level 1 (playable in one 45-minute session)
NEW! Mamo Nag: The Bully, Level 1 (playable in one 45-minute session)

Additional Resources for Therapists

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Online articles, links to group and other resources


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