Magic Seekers-Therapist Ed


For use by therapists, rules and four adventures for new and younger adventurers

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The Magic Seekers (Therapy Edition) is designed specifically for incorporating role playing into therapy sessions, and addresses many unique aspects of play including:

  • Stream-lined rules to make the game easier to learn
  • Pre-generated characters
  • Shorter, yet engaging and challenging adventures, designed to play in one session
  • Adventure campaigns to play in multiple sessions
  • Opportunities for therapists and clients to create their own characters and adventures

Ideal play for: 

  • Group therapy with teens
  • Family sessions
  • Extended play over sessions with individuals

Includes 18 magic cards, and dice.

Download the blank character sheet (PDF)

All the rules you need, and the first three adventures to get you started with your sessions!

Supplemental Adventures

NEW! Gryla: The Witch, Level 1 (playable in one 45-minute session)
NEW! Mamo Nag: The Bully, Level 1 (playable in one 45-minute session)

Additional Resources for Therapists

Read more about the benefits of role-playing

Online articles, links to group and other resources

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